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Work the Room provides the following services for homeowners:

Express Staging

This is the ideal solution for homeowners with time or budget constraints. Express Staging involves identifying small architectual details in a home and highlighting them so that they stand out to buyers. These memorable details can stick in the buyers' minds and could make the difference in their decision to purchase the home.

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Vacant Home Staging

Vacant homes can be a tougher sell for buyers because they often have trouble envisioning their belongings in the space. Home Staging has proven to be very effective in selling a home faster and at a higher price. Let Work the Room help to show buyers the full potential of your home.

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Occupied Home Staging

When you still have all of your furniture in your home, the trick is figuring out the best way to arrange it to appeal to buyers. Work the Room can help you to declutter the space and determine the best arrangement of your existing furniture in each room. Well-arranged rooms will stand out more to the buyers and can help you get the maximum value for your home.

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* Work the Room is happy to provide a simple consultation for a look that gets results. Visit our Staging Consultation page to learn more. *